ROCK THE BLOG beflügelt die Blogosphäre

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We are back from ROCK THE BLOG (RTB) at the CeBIT in Hanover. Bloggers‘ tables, the role of bloggers in society, snapchat gadgets and, of course, guitar sounds: the colorful blogger conference was varied and full of surprises!

Content and designs for bloggers

The seats were full, and so many a listener stood behind the chairs to understand the new research tool from England. „Founders and CEO Daryl Willcox told the approximately 150 listeners how bloggers and journalists with ResponseSource quickly get to information, multi-media content and interview partners with the title“ How we turn the press work upside down and why UK journalists love us for it. “ : To Daryl’s presentation .

Daryl Willcox at ROCK THE BLOG

Daryl Willcox at ROCK THE BLOG

If the content is, then for many bloggers also the question, how they represent their contributions. The start-up wondermags offers the right designs in the form of digital magazines. „Often, bloggers fall back on boring, rigid PDFs as a display form – that does not have to be. Your followers deserve the best reading experience, both on mobile and on the web, „explains CEO Stojan Rudan. In addition, wondermags provides mediamakers various possibilities to earn money with their publications. Currently, wondermags is still in the beta version, end of April the offer is launched.

Blogs as the gateway to the world

The day began already promising with the lecture „Make Blog, not War“ of the blogger Dragana Djermanovic from Serbia. While blogs are mainly used for self-presentation in Western, democratic countries, Djermanovic made clear which liberating role blogs and social media play in repressive political systems.

Karin Hertzer and Elia Treppner are also keen to develop the social potential of blogs. „The blogosphere is buzzing,“ they said, but there was a lack of nationwide structures. That is why they have initiated a blogger’s table in the press club Munich, which is now regularly visited by up to 50 bloggers.

With their next project, Hertz and Treppner are directly targeting refugees in Germany: In a blogger school for young refugees and German youngsters, they are to learn to make themselves heard by blogging about their experiences. Thanks to a price award from Microsoft, they were already able to set up a mobile classroom with four notebooks. For the next steps the press club Munich is currently looking for sponsors. More information is available here .

Snapchat made easy


Richard Gutjahrs Snapchat profile picture

One of the highlights was the lecture by journalist Richard Gutjahr about Snapchat. Without a long rumfackeln, he included the listeners right in his lecture, and showed interactively how the popular social media platform works for Kurzvideos. The unmistakable is the special appeal to Snapchat, in a world full of staged contributions in Facebook, Instagram & Co.

It was also exciting to learn more about Snapchat’s financing model. In the US, where Snapchat comes from, brand-specific filters already make money on certain occasions. For example, at Easter, you can choose a fun frame of your favorite chocolate brand and distribute your video messages as an advertising medium.

And although Snapchat videos can usually be viewed only once, US followers can also view clips from others for a fee, an additional source of income for Snapchat.

Hashtag # rtb16 trented all day

A conference only for bloggers – it was not so before Blappsta launched it last year at the CeBIT. In 2016, the first keynote speakers were English-speakers, including Daryl. In addition, the organizers were following the desire of many bloggers from the past year to create more contact possibilities for companies and business.

„The response was great. We definitely want to rock again next year „, Johannes Thomsen summed up a well-earned beer following the last lecture. The hashtag # rtb16 has been on Twitter all day, and so many bloggers wondered why he was only following the whole thing on the Internet. Maybe next year?

YouTube Star Damian Salazar from Argentina

YouTube Star Damian Salazar from Argentina provided musical entertainment

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